Daily Glow Moisturizer

•Clinically  tested to show that skin looks more  glowing and feels softer and smoother in just seven days.†
•Clinically  shown to double skin’s moisture for eight hours.‡

•Different oils including  Sunflower  seed oil, Macadamia nut  oil,
•Vitamin B3,antioxidant  Vitamins  C and E, and Aloe Vera

Used Amount:
2 –4 pumps

SKU #0769

*To  complement  your daily routine and provide UVA/UVB protection f rom ordinary exposure to the sun, use Skin  Activator® Day Lotion SPF  15. Also, look f or Herbalif e SKIN  SPF  30 coming  soon!

†Tested on subjects measured by visual expert grading on intervals of  tw o, f our and seven days.  96% of  subjects show ed improvement over seven days in smoothness, sof tness, glow  and radiance.93% show ed improvement over seven days f or luminosity.‡Tested on subjects, measuring skin moisture levels at eight-hour intervals. Skin of  100% of  subjects show ed double the moisture levels over baseline af ter eight hours.

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